In an O.J. Simpson trial related arrest, A Confused Furniture Salesman brought in 25 Years later as an Accessory After The Fact.


A suburban Los Angeles salesman known by his name tag as ‘Bob’ has been brought in under a bench warrant by prosecutor Marcia Clark for giving a free set of steak knives to O.J. Simpson upon his purchase of a new dining set.

None of these knives can be tied to the crime scene and O.J. was not convicted of said crime so pundits have been skeptical on how the charges will stick. Nonetheless, attorneys for ‘Bob’ have issued multiple guilty pleas because he feels extremely guilty, after the fact.

Our own TFR investigative reporters have uncovered copies of sales receipts that show the dining set and free steak knives were in fact definitely purchased by the actual O.J. Simpson in person – years after the trial, proving ‘Bob’ should have known better.

Continue following this story as it develops…m

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