Robert Ludlum Estate Releases New Treatment


The Robert Ludlum Estate(The Bourne Trilogy) has released preliminary details of their latest project, currently titled “The Yards Resident.” Set in the faux luxurious new transit-oriented, mixed-use development on the west side of Manhattan Island known as The Hudson Yards, the story centers around an intrepid commercial real-estate marketer.

The protagonist, Daysii Stephens, is a raven haired beauty who shakes her money-maker as easily as she shakes off mild criticism of low income NYC resident displacement. And she looks fabulous doing so, while ultimately unveiling a Chipotle Two: More Chipotle for You on the historic Hudson River waterfront.

Much of Daysii’s adventures focus on all of the latest happenings in the self-contained neighborhood transforming the former meat-packing district, offering a stark contrast to its rival located just east, the dreaded and historically filthy Hell’s Kitchen. You can order a $27 breakfast of one fried egg, a slice of white toast and a handful of tap water at any of the 147 imitation Greek diners in the 3 block radius. You can also try a pumpkin spice hard seltzer whilst getting your hair did at the newest Wet Bar/Dry Bar, or take your toy chihuahua to either of the brand new 45,000 square foot Starbarks located directly across from each other for a pumpkin spice hard seltzer puppuccino. The vast array of choices are endless.

Daysii, dressed in all of the latest bleeding edge trends currently infiltrating the New York City fashion scene, manages to continually look amazing while hiding the darkest of secrets…her sordid middle-class mediocre past as a Real Housewife of Yonkers, NY.

With more action packed into the treatment than any of Ludlum’s previous works, the book/movie/podcast/web-series/graphic novel/bus tour has a simultaneous release date yet to be determined. Mark your calendars today.

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