ABC News apologizes again


ABC News issued an apology for the second time in less than a week for airing yet another video that was not what the network claimed it was.

In a story that attempted to attribute budget cuts by the Trump administration for the tenuous state of wildlife in the United States, the video purported to show a coyote falling off a cliff at the Grand Canyon followed by an anvil landing on top of the fallen coyote.

“We apologize for airing a video that gave an incorrect impression to our viewers of the dangers that wildlife in the United States must face each day,” ABC News declared in a statement.  “We were led to believe this was actual footage, when it was, in fact, a cartoon.”

The statement continued, “We hold ourselves to the highest of standards.  We failed to meet our very strict standards of identifying cartoons as, well, cartoons.  It was an honest mistake as so many of our employees are millennials and very few were apparently exposed to Loony Tunes cartoons while growing up.  While some in our newsroom might have some familiarity with Bugs Bunny, virtually no one had ever heard of Wily E. Coyote.”

Unrepentant, ABC stated that American wildlife is at a crisis stage and the network will continue to scour its sources to locate video of Donald Trump mistreating animals.  It further acknowledged that when it comes to Trump reporting, it really has no standards.

In yet another self-inflected mishap, the network’s entertainment division recently aired an interview with Hunter Biden, the controversial son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, believing it to be a cartoon.

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