Third-rate politicians assail Trump’s comments


A spokesperson for the Third-Rate Politicians Association (TRPA) angrily responded to Donald Trump‘s characterization of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a “third-rate politician.”

“We take great exception to Trump calling Nancy Pelosi third-rate,” TRPA president Phil Longo III said.  “In no way do we consider her third-rate.  Fourth or fifth-rate, perhaps, but third-rate, no way.  We believe Trump’s remarks are a slap in the face to our group’s members.”

“Pelosi has never been a member of our group, nor, to my knowledge has she ever sought membership,” Longo continued.  “And even if she had sought membership, we most certainly would not have allowed her to join.  Quite frankly, she simply isn’t up to even our low standards.”

The TRPA is made up of elected politicians at the local, state and national level and whose motto is “As much as you can, do nothing.”  The association’s charter further stipulates that if one is put in a position to actually do something, make sure it is done poorly, inefficiently, yet expensively.

Longo noted that its members’ constituents expect them to do nothing and, in fact, they encourage it.  He added that his group’s members take great pride in providing their constituents with the type of representation they expect.

He went on to say that most TRPA members simply could not make it in any real jobs because they lack skills, knowledge, desire or initiative.  That leaves politics as the only career avenue.

Regarding the controversy, Pelosi responded, “Third, fourth-rate, whatever.  I have perfected political hackery and for that I think I deserve some credit.  Trump’s comments don’t bother me, but should bother the American people as it gives the impression that there are actually good politicians, you know, first-rate ones, out there compared to me.  We all know – and more importantly the American people know – there aren’t, especially from California.  And have you seen our batch of presidential candidates?  I mean, c’mon.”

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