Clinton claims Putin is a Russian asset


In a recent interview with Sore Losers Quarterly, Hillary Clinton claimed that Russian president Vladimir Putin is a Russian asset.  She went on to also assert that he is primarily responsible for her 2016 election loss to Donald Trump.

“Well, somebody is to blame and it sure as hell isn’t me, Clinton exclaimed in the interview.  “We ran a great campaign, plus, I’m a fun person.  When people think of fun they naturally think of Hillary Clinton.  You can ask anybody.”

Like Huma Abedin?  “Don’t ask her,” Clinton said.

Or Bill Clinton?  Don’t ask him, either,” She added.  “Just take my word for it.”

Regarding Putin, Clinton stated that he doesn’t really like her and he doesn’t even think she won the 2016 election.  That seems to put him in the same category as most Americans, including the Electoral College, all of whom may eventually be called Russian assets by Clinton and her team.

For his part, Putin is in fact Russian and as it turns out the leader of his country.  When informed of this fact, Clinton said that is just more evidence for her assertion.

This comes on the heels of Clinton’s suggestion that Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is some kind of tool of the Russian government.  Clinton is not sure what part Gabbard played in het 2016 campaign defeat, but she said she damned sure will find out.

Clinton is working under the supposition that everyone, and she means everyone, is a suspect in her election defeat and she won’t rest until all of the world is locked up.  She said she longed for the days when Russia was the Soviet Union and most Russian spies were actually Democrats.

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