Golden State Warriors to hold open tryouts


With the rash of injuries continuing to mount for the Golden State Warriors, the team announced Monday that it will be holding open tryouts this week.

“We have a need to fill some roster spots.  We’ve already lost Klay Thompson, Stephon Curry and now Draymond Green for a significant amount of time.  Even our G League team can barely field a starting five due to injuries”

Kerr continued. “We had an off day on Sunday so my coaching staff and I spent some time at the Y looking for talent.  We think we can find some guys who will help us until some our players return.  I saw a little point guard out there who was not bad.  He was short, but slow.”

There could be significant interest in the tryouts around the Bay area as the team has fielded hundreds of calls since they were first announced.

Malik Bowen, a 40 year-old Uber driver, said, “I dropped 21 on Melrose in the state semi-finals back in ’97.  Maybe, I’ve put on a few pounds, like 40 or so since then, but I can still get up and down the court a little.  Do you think they’ll ask us to play defense?  How many time outs does each team get?”

“I Googled the minimum NBA salary and it’s like over $800,000 or something,” said Yong Chen, a coffee barista from West Menlo Park.  “I didn’t play a lot on my high school varsity team, but I did start most of the season when I was on JV.  Also, my team just played for the championship of my LA Fitness league.  Lost on a questionable call by the referee. He blew the call.

“Plus, I’m Asian and I think I could be a fan favorite within the Bay area Asian community,” Chen added.

Jake Willingham, who is planning on trying out and played four years at the Silicon Valley State, averaging nearly four points per game, believes he will have a leg up on much of the competition.  “I actually played in college and almost had the chance to play overseas in the Sudanese League,” he said.

Regarding salaries, the Warriors have asked for an exemption from the league regarding the minimum salary, citing the potential inexperience of any players they may sign.  As the team will be responsible for any travel expenses, it hopes the NBA approves it’s request for a $40,000 minimum salary.

Team president Rick Welts said, “Most of our money is tied up in players on injured reserve, plus we just opened a new, expensive arena.  It’s not like it’s a twelve month job.  We could use a financial break from the league.  We will also require any signees to pay for their own practice gear.”

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