Period Movement comes to Middle Millstead State


The Period Movement has established a new chapter at Middle Millstead State University.  The Period Movement is a global youth advocacy organization created to “end period poverty and period stigma.”

Alicia Heckishnness, a sophomore trans-gender studies major, is the president of the Millsead State chapter. 

“Our goal is to promote the period through educational workshops, meet up groups and social media awareness campaigns.” Heckishness said.

The group is not without controversy as others have accused it of not being inclusive. Phillip Blattsmore, a senior clothing coordination major and president of the Students for Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG), opposes the Period Movement.

“I think that to single out the period at the expense of other punctuation is highly divisive,” Blattsmore said.  “Plenty of other punctuation can be just as worthy.  Some, quite honestly, just get the shaft.  When was the last time the semi-colon was truly appreciated?”

“And what’s all this about period poverty?” Blattsmore asked.  “It’s already in practically every sentence.  Sure, the comma holds its own and the quotation mark gets in there from time to time, but the period dominates.  Period poverty, my ass!”

The controversy has received national attention.  Even Rudy Martinez, lead singer of the 60’s band Question Mark and the Mysterians, weighed in. 

“If the period, which is already the dominant punctation, needs even more promotion on college campuses, I fear for today’s youth,” Martinez said.  “Sure, maybe once a month or so I might feel a little bloated, but I’m not going to throw a period out there just for the sake of it when an exclamation point or, dare I say, a question mark is really what is required.  It’s just common sense.”

For its part, the school’s administration is taking a hands off approach, believing the pro and con period students can coexist.

(Editor’s note: We received a complaint from SPAG in advance of publishing this article noting that it contained 18 periods, equal to number of commas, but still more than any other punctuation.)

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