ABC News under fire again over spiking a 2016 story


ABC News is under fire yet again after video surfaces of a former correspondent complaining about a 2016 story that executives refused to air. 

The video, obtained by Project: The Media Blows It Again, depicts former ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross visibly irate over ABC’s refusal to air the results of the 2016 presidential campaign.

In the video, Ross declares,” We had the scoop.  We had all of the information.  It was corroborated and verified.  The damn execs just didn’t think we had enough sources to run with the story.  Our reporting didn’t meet their standards, they said.  Hell, everybody in the world knew the outcome of the election that night, except viewers of ABC.  Screw their damn standards!”

Ross continues in the video, “I think it was Stephanopoulos.  Have you seen his contract?  It’s huge.  The little bastard pulls a lot of weight around here.  I think he was Hillary’s lap dog.  But, for God’s sake, even MSNBC was willing to run with the election results.  They must have gone through a lot of adult diapers over there on election night.”

Ross and ABC parted ways in 2018 and he is now doing human interest stories on The Velcro Channel.

ABC issued a statement addressing the controversy:

Our news division holds itself to the highest standards.  As such, we will vigorously ferret out the whistleblower who disseminated the internal video without authorization.  We hate whistleblowers who expose us, but otherwise we love them.

We stand by our decision in 2016 and would do it again, depending on how election night 2020 unfolds.  Frankly, we don’t know who the president is right now.  We’re a news organization, not a propaganda machine, except when Obama was in the White House.  Did we mention our high standards?

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