Trump Confused International Space Station As ‘I.S.I.S. Threat’


President Donald Trump at one point considered destroying the International Space Station when he confused its initials of I.S.S. with the Islamic State terrorist’s organization’s abbreviation I.S.I.S.

According to an anonymous whistleblower, the President gathered a group of Republican Senators along with an assortment of family and friends in the Oval Office who enthusiastically agreed with his assessment. Trump then proposed tasking the newly founded Space Force to use any means necessary to blow up what Trump saw as a “really big threat from way up there”.

It was only after the intervention of one of the many full time ‘maintenance workers’ stationed throughout the White House was the president made aware of the blunder. The source, who was present at the time, said that the worker got the attention of Trump’s son and junior science advisor, Barron, as he left the meeting. Shortly after that the boy skipped ahead to presumably tell his father of the mix-up.

Trump then reportedly asked the honorary first space cadet on the program, Vice President Mike Pence, if that was true.  Pence was said to have then showed him a picture of the members of the orbiting crew pointing out that “that many white people can’t be terrorists”. 

The president was said to quickly pivot to his next project, replacing the English alphabet with an American version.

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