Delusional people support her, Clinton claims


Hillary Clinton said in an interview Tuesday that “many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many people” are pressuring her to make another run for the presidency.

In yet another interview with Sore Losers Quarterly, Clinton also stated that she thinks about what kind of president she would have been.  As has been exhaustively documented, nobody, and we mean nobody else anywhere, ever thinks about that, except Clinton.  Not even Bill.

When asked to elaborate on who has actually pressured her to run again in 2020, she said, “Well, there’s that third-rate politicians group.  They’ve been all over me like a cheap suit.  Not that my pantsuits are cheap.  Hell, they are pretty damn expensive.  Bill hates when I wear them.  He says they make me look frumpy.  What does he know?  He thought that Lewinsky woman was attractive.  I always wondered what they saw in each other.  And then one day it hit me, they both had white pasty thighs.”

Beyond that, Clinton couldn’t name anyone else pressuring her to run again. When it was suggested that perhaps she was being a bit delusional about the level of interest in yet another presidential run, Clinton snapped, “Many of my supporters are delusional.  I just want to give them what they want.”

Clinton went on to add, “If I were to run again, I would make history.  Not many people have run for president and lost in three separate decades.”

When it was pointed out that Joe Biden has run and will likely lose in three separate decades, Clinton noted, “Joe has been a loser for many more decades than that.”

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