Exclusive: Draft of Full List of People GOP Wanted to Call in Impeachment Probe Hearings

Two men listen, in fascination, to a congressional hearing in 1967

Last week the story broke that Republicans in Congress wanted to call Hunter Biden and the Ukraine Aid Whistleblower as witnesses in the impeachment probe. As the congressional hearings start today, Wednesday, with the appearance of Bill Taylor and George Kent on the Hill, the Fake Report has gotten an exclusive draft list of witnesses that the Republicans, lead by Devin – That’s Not My Cow – Nunes and Jim – Why Can’t What Happens in Ohio Stay in Ohio – Jordan, wanted to submit.

Included on the draft list were:

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
The Whistleblower
That other guy who could be the Whistleblower
Karen, from Accounting
Donald Trump Jr
Nikki Haley
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Roger Stone
Jessica Rabbit
Anyone mentioned by the Whistleblower
Ivanka Trump
Nellie Ohr
Is There Another Trump daughter?
Paul Mantafort but not Rick Gates (with picture of a bird singing next to Gates’ name)
Nikki Haley
David Hale
Rudy Giuliani
Mick Mulvaney
Tim Morrison
Vladimir Putin
Anonymous, the author of Warning
Nikki Haley
Dan Coates, ( with the note, “who swears he’s not Anonymous, HAHA” next to it)
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Judge Jeannine Shapiro
Nikki Haley

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