Schiff claims he does not know the identity of his wife


During the opening day of the impeachment inquiry, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Universal Studios) said he did not know the identity of his wife. 

“I do not know the identity of my wife and I’m going to make sure her identity is protected,” Schiff claimed, despite the fact that he has lived with his wife for many years and she is apparently the mother of his children.  “Sure, we go out to dinner and things of that nature, but that doesn’t mean I actually know her identity,” he said.

Schiff’s wife was just one of many people whose identity he claimed not to know during the first day of the impeachment proceedings.  Others included the whistleblower related to the impeachment inquiry, the Speaker of the House, any of the current Democratic presidential candidates, any other members of the House Intelligence Committee, his campaign contributors, his parents, the host of the Don Lemon Show on CNN, Batman, Spiderman and the current manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Through her attorney, Schiff’s wife issued a statement confirming Schiff’s claim.  “I can confirm that my husband does not know my identity,” the statement said.  “I have worked hard to keep that from him.”

When grilled about how he could not know the identity of so many people close to him or people who are otherwise relatively well-known, Schiff answered, “I’m a member of Congress.  It’s not my job to know things.  If I knew anything, I’d be in a different line of work.”

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