Ukraine’s U.S. Press Office Delighted, Concerned About Recent Increase in Requests for Information


(WASHINGTON, DC) After many years of no requests for information coming in, the U.S. press office for the country of Ukraine is pleasantly surprised – albeit a little worried – about the number of requests for information that have come in.

“It’s great. This is the most outside requests we’ve gotten in … I don’t know how long,” said press officer Travis Penridge. “All of a sudden it’s like the Ukraine is the place everyone is really into.”

Penridge – whose job involves working 60 hour work weeks, sometimes with little time for TV or news – said the requests have come from a variety of other news sources, think tanks, and governmental agencies.

“A lot of them are coming from some sort of investigative body on Capitol Hill” said Penridge, as his voice trailed off a little.

“D…did something happen in the news or something? Are we in trouble?”

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