Giuliani Associate Testifies “Real Nice Impeachment Hearing You’ve Got Here. Real Shame if Something Were to Happen to it”.

(Nova York - EUA, 24/09/2019) Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante encontro com o senhor Rudolph Giuliani, ex-prefeito da cidade de Nova York. rFoto: Alan Santos/PR

(WASHINGTON, D.C.): Frankie “Boom Boom” Cosentino, an associate to former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, appeared today before members of Congress as part of the impeachment hearings of President Trump. While not directly offering new information on Giuliani’s involvement with agents from the Ukraine, Mr. Cosentino stated that the hearings “looked real good” and “must have cost you a pretty penny”. 

“Seems like an impeachment hearing like this might run into an accident if someone wasn’t being careful,” said Mr. Cosentino. “Be a real shame if, say, this impeachment hearing was to slip on some ice.”

Cosentino spent most of his interview period looking around the chambers while delivering his comments, occasionally running his hands along a wooden table for emphasis of some sort. 

“A lot of impeachment hearings can go kinda……missing, if you catch my drift,” continued Mr. Cosentino. 

Many staffers commented on how no questions had been asked of Cosentino, nor could anyone remember him being subpoenaed. 

“Have a nice day, gentlemen,” said Cosentino, backing out of the heavy wooden doors of the chamber. 

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