World’s Stupidly Tied To Massive Inbreeding


A still unpublished study is said to show that the massive inbreeding that began at the dawn of man has polluted the entire gene pool and is the principal cause for the human race’s dysfunctional existence. 

Until now it was believed that with millions of people spread out over thousands of years the ‘crazy’ would have been long ago been reduced to insignificant levels. However, the findings from this study indicate that this has not been the case as evidenced by mankind’s endless history of senseless conflicts, idiotic decisions and inability to learn from past mistakes.

The report, tentatively titled ‘Repercussions of Inbreed Populations’ (RIP) comes from the Forktongue Institute, a think tank located in San Francisco, California. A source familiar with the study, and speaking off the record, said that those involved in the research included genealogists, astrologists and 911 operators. Supporting data was gathered from historical records, Twitter and Facebook postings as well as the front page of the New York Post.

Said the source, “With every man, woman and child somehow related, these findings go a long way in helping to explain the stupid in all of us.”

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