Biden changes son’s name to Background Check


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced today that he is changing his son’s name to Background Check.  Acknowledging that while he can name his son Hunter, he can’t make him a hunter.

While recognizing that hunters actually use guns, Biden wanted to make a strong statement in support for limits on firearms.

“Unlike so many Republican politicians, I am not beholden to the NRA,” Biden said.  “Sure, I like the Second Amendment as much as the next guy, or gal, or gender-questioning individual.  Nonetheless, I want to be clear in my support for common sense gun laws.”

Biden went on to add that he has discussed the change with his son, formerly known as Hunter, and he is on board, not to be confused with “on the board” like with that Ukrainian company where he was paid thousands per month to sort of hang around and talk to his dad once in a while.

For his part, the son formerly known as Hunter indicated that he will do whatever he can to help his father’s campaign for the presidency.  In fact, he has volunteered to help explain his father’s position on guns in some of the country’s top strip clubs, an area where he is known to have some expertise.

In a related note, Democratic presidential rival Elizabeth Warren is in negotiations with her daughter to have her name changed from Amelia to Public School.

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