Rare interest breaks out at Biden campaign stop


Joe Biden kicked off his Full of Malarkey campaign tour in Iowa this week.  The intent was to draw interest in his lackluster campaign by having Biden sing a medley of his hits, including Born in Scranton, PA.

At a campaign stop on Thursday just as Biden completed the final chorus of the song a member of the audience rose up and angrily accused him of plagiarism, noting that it’s the same song as the Bruce Springsteen song, Born in the USA, but with some different words.

A furious Biden responded, “I know a thing or two about plagiarism and this ain’t plagiarism.  It’s copywrite infringement.  There’s a difference, pal!”

The Iowa citizen who gave his first same as Sal and said he is a swine and grain dealer from Ames, did not back down and stated that this is hardly the first time Biden has plagiarized.

A further enraged Biden then challenged the event attendee.  “How many push-ups can you do, pal?” Biden asked.  “Now that Harris has dropped out, I can do more push-ups than anybody in this race.  Drop and give me twenty.  C’mon!  I think you’re scum, buddy!  Scum!”

Biden proceeded to do twelve push-ups, although the final three were assisted by a campaign aide, then he arm wrestled a waitress, winning two of three.

Once order was restored, Biden went on to say how his calm demeanor makes him the best candidate to deal with a crisis as president.

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