Holiday cards for miserable people are big sellers this year


Millions of cards are sent during each holiday season.  However, this year some of the more popular cards are for people we can’t stand.  In such highly contentious times these cards seem to have struck a nerve.

Les and Mikki Staverman rolled out a line of holiday cards for miserable people and other people the givers despise.  As Les tells it, “My family is mostly made up of miscreants, cretins and criminals.  And those are some of the better ones.  We always wanted cards to better reflect how we felt about them.  It turns out many other people feel the same way.  We seem to have found a niche.”

Here are some of the more popular cards this year:

Happy Holidays – from the jury that convicted you

Merry Christmas, you slimy little bastard

Hoping you have a Merry Christmas and that you serve your full sentence

Thinking of you and all of those you swindled this Holiday season

Here’s even money you’ll have a joyous Holiday season, from your bookie

Assholes celebrate Christmas too – Merry Christmas, Asshole!

This card is not made from recycled anything, so stick your climate change up your holiday ass.  You’ve only got 12 years to live anyway.

Merry Christmas! Please return the card along with the bail money you owe me.

As we reflect on what this Christmas season means, it’s important to remember one thing above all else – stay out of mom’s checkbook!

“Everyone always tries to pretend their family is normal and everyone gets along, especially around the holidays, Mikki said.  “In reality, most families have a few members who are liars, cheats, thieves, convicts or just miserable people generally.  Get them a card that really expresses how you feel about them.”

During this year’s holiday season it’s important to acknowledge those you love – and those you don’t.

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