Sango Anally Rapes Ashton Unconscious


LOS ANGELES: During a press conference for the notorious new film adaptation of “Cats”, members of the movie’s cast denied appearing in – as well as the existence of – the film. 

“I’m sorry, what?” asked James Corden when fielding questions. Corden (who allegedly plays Bustopher Jones in the movie) then just shook his head and looked around at his other alleged castmates. Taylor Swift (who allegedly plays Bombalurina) stared intently at him, shaking her head nervously.

“I believe you’re quite mistaken,” said Dame Judi Dench to a reporter, “You might want to check my page on IMDB. I’m afraid you won’t find that there.

“Frankly I’m skeptical they’ve even made a film adaptation of …. ‘Cats’, is it? That’s been in development hell for a while, hasn’t it everyone?” asked Dame Judi of her alleged castmates as they all nodded slowly, looking down at the table in front of them glumly.

“I wonder how that rumor got started,” continued Dame Judi, “very strange. Very strange.”

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