Millenial Finally Moves Out of Grandmother’s House. Her Response Is Startling.


As more wonkish people were fretting over Donald Trump’s latest more, oozing the global population ever closer to nuclear conflict with his assignation of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani – there were events last week that left the rest of us shook. Harry Mountbatten-Windsor, the Duke of Sussex aka Prince Ginger Hottie and his wife, Meghan Markle-Mountbatten-Windsor, have taken a step back from being royals. Presumably not because they’ve just had too much of the Lourde song.

Harry is currently seventh in line for the United Kingdom’s (possibly shirking from Brexit) throne, and apparently finds it unfulfilling just to be a spare heir. While the Sussexes are attempting to achieve financial freedom and move toward independence, admirably, apparently this has left the rest of the family “incandescent with rage” for disrupting the monarchy at this time.  Who knew Brits had that much passion? 

Oddly enough, while one of the reasons given for step back was to obtain some semblance of financial independence from the Royal Family for the rest of their lives, only speculation about future career options for Meghan Markle has flooded the internet. 

Late last year, Harry was caught on tape talking to Disney chief Robert Iger asking for voice over work for her.  And congrats Meghan – there is already a deal in the works for her to do voice over work on a Disney project.  What better than to have a possibly former princess work with the brand that brought us princesses, Princesses, PRINCESSESS.  Don’t know about princess culture?  Just ask any friend with a child between 4-9. Meghan is also rumored to be in conversation with several fashion designers and fashion magazines, having guest edited Vogue UK for one issue and being a blogger at one point. 

So here are a couple of other options for Meghan to support Harry with, as he peak millennials and moves from his grandmother’s house to being supported by his wife.  Look who’s a big boy.  Have you looked at  Princess Cruise Lines and possibly being a model for Killian’s “I Don’t Need a Prince to Be A Princess” perfume?

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